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Questions and Answers : 300-101: Implementing Cisco IP Routing

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3 thoughts on “Share your 300-101 ROUTE Experience

  1. Hi!
    I`ve passed 300-101 exam on 03/30/2017 with 842 passing score
    There were few additional questions not listed here.

  2. Please help me
    – ALL Lab can use “show running-config” ?
    – In real exam have EIGRP sim and EIGRP stub ?
    – Redistribute metric divide 10 for Delay only ?
    Thank for help

  3. I have passed CCNP route exam today, questions almost the same. But there were some new questions. Labs were
    1. OSPF Evaluation
    2. PBR
    3. OSPF Sim
    4. EIGRP OSPF Redistribute
    5. IPv6 OSPF V.Link

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