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Android / iOS Apps for Practice Tests

Android apps for CompTIA® practice tests: The android apps for A+ Essentials, A+ Practical Application, Security+, and Server+ are available. The apps come in two versions, one is the free app, which is limited to 60 questions; and the other is full version of the software and will have 300+ questions with flash card explanation. Click on the respective product URLs for more information.

CompTIA® Practice Tests

Exam Code Android app page link iOS app page link
220-901 A+ Essentials Practice Tests (Android App) A+ Essentials Practice Exam for iPhone
220-902 A+ Practical Practice Tests (Android App) A+ Practical Practice Exam for iPhone
N10-007 Network+ Practice Tests (Android App) Network+ Practice Exam for iPhone
SY0-501 Security+ Practice Tests (Android App) Security+ Practice Exam for iPhone
SK0-004 Server+ Practice Tests (Android App) Server+ Practice Exam for iPhone

Android apps for Cisco® practice tests: The android apps for CCNA, CCENT, ICND2, CCNP Route, CCNP Switch, and CCDA are available. Similar to Comptia tests, the apps come in two versions, one is the free app, which is limited to 60 questions; and the other is full version of the software and will have 300+ questions with flash card explanation. Click on the respective product URLs for more information.

Cisco® Practice Tests

Exam Code Android app page link iOS app page link
200-125 CCNA Practice Tests (Android App) CCNA Practice Exam for iPhone
100-105 CCENT Practice Tests (Android App) CCENT Practice Exam for iPhone
200-105 ICND2 Practice Tests (Android App) ICND2 Practice Exam for iPhone
210-260 CCNA Security Practice Tests (Android App) CCNA Security Practice Exam for iPhone
300-101 CCNP Route Practice Tests (Android App) CCNP Route Practice Exam for iPhone
300-115 CCNP Switch Practice Tests (Android App) CCNp Switch Practice Exam for iPhone
300-210 CCDA Practice Tests (Android App) CCDA Practice Exam for iPhone

Android apps for Juniper® practice tests: The android apps for Juniper JNCIA is available. The free version is limited to 60 questions, where as the full version will have 250 questions.

Other Practice Tests

Exam Code Android app page link iOS app page link
JN0-102 JNCIA Practice Tests (Android App) JNCIA Practice Exam for iPhone
PMP PMP Practice Tests (Android App) PMP Practice Exam for iPhone

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Does the Android/iOS apps work on desktop?

If you have the simulator installed on your desktop, the apps are likely to work. But, it's not tested. The apps have been tested on native platforms only.

2. What devices are supported for Android Apps?

Most of the devices with screen size 5 inch and above are supported. Please download the free app and see if it works. The full app is an extension of the same.

3. How long can I use the full app, once I purchase it?

There is no time limit. You can use the app as long as you want.

4. Does it support online updates?

GooglePlay automatically checks for updated versions of the software and provides the option to update the software.

5. Which version of Android is required at the minimum?

Requires Android 3.0 and up

6. Do I need Internet connectivity to run the application?

You need Internet connectivity to verify the license for purchased app, once the license is verified Internet connectivity will be required to use some features of the app like sending question feedback, viewing online help file.

7. How do I uninstall the app?

Open your device's Settings app -> Tap Apps & notifications -> Tap the app you want to uninstall -> Tap Uninstall.

8. Can I reinstall the app after uninstall?

Yes, you can reinstall the app any times, but make sure that you have logged in to the same Google Playstore account that was used to purchase the app.

9. Is it possible to move the app to memory card (SD card)?

Yes the app can be moved to SD card (memory card). To move app to SD card follow these steps

Open your device's Settings app -> Tap Apps & notifications -> Select the app you want to move -> Tap Storage -> Tap Change -> Tap Move.

10. How do I contact for any technical support?

You may email us at cs (at) providing the details and a screenshot (preferably) of the problem.

11. If needs be, how do I get refund on an order?

You can request for a refund for the app by logging in to your play store account in a browser. More details about this and refund policies can by found here

12. Do you collect any personal information on installing the software?

No, only whatever info GooglePlay store normally provides to developers is available to us. We don't collect any other information using our free or paid software.

For any further information or questions, please e-mail to:  webmaster [at]

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