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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

04m 36s

About The Author

01m 41s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Network Fundamentals

OSI And TCP/IP Network Models Part - 1

06m 56s

OSI And TCP/IP Network Models Part - 2

04m 53s


09m 15s

Network Topologies

06m 40s

Collapsed Core And Three Tier Architectures

04m 15s

Infrastructure Components

04m 42s

Network Cabling

10m 10s

IPv4 Address Types

08m 11s

IPv4 Addressing And Subnetting - Part - 1

09m 42s

IPv4 Addressing And Subnetting - Part - 2

09m 21s


08m 50s

Private IPv4 Addresses

05m 6s

IPv6 Fundamentals

09m 47s

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)

07m 54s

IPv6 Stateless Address Auto Configuration

06m 24s

IPv6 Address Types - Part - 1

08m 5s

IPv6 Address Types - Part - 2

09m 12s

IPv6 Subnetting

06m 14s

Configure And Troubleshoot IPv4 And IPv6 Addressing

09m 13s

Chapter: Lan Switching Fundamentals

Lan Switching Concepts - Part - 1

05m 2s

Lan Switching Concepts - Part - 2

05m 18s

Ethernet Frames And Addressing

05m 33s

Layer 2 Protocols: ARP, CDP, And LLDP

08m 24s

VLANs And VLAN Configuration

09m 9s

VLAN Trunking

06m 9s

Dynamic Trunking Protocol

04m 47s

Switchport Port Security Part - 1

08m 42s

Switchport Port Security Part - 2

05m 4s

Collision Domains And Switch Interface Configuration

09m 3s

Chapter: Routing Fundamentals

Routing Concepts

07m 50s

The Routing Table - Part - 1

08m 20s

The Routing Table - Part - 2

07m 42s

Inter-VLAN Routing

08m 11s

Static And Dynamic Routing

09m 55s

Configuring IPv4 Static Routes

05m 25s

Configuring IPv6 Static Routes

07m 20s

Configuring RIP Version 2

07m 54s

Chapter: Infrastructure Services

The Domain Name System (DNS)

05m 44s

DHCP For IPv4 Operation

10m 49s

Configure And Verify DHCP For IPv4

07m 2s

Troubleshooting DHCP For IPv4

04m 41s

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

06m 4s

Access Control Lists (ACL) Fundamentals

10m 13s

Configure IPv4 Standard Access Control Lists

11m 27s

Extended Access Control Lists And ACL Troubleshooting

09m 44s

Network Address Translation (NAT)

10m 38s

NAT Configuration And Troubleshooting

10m 28s

Chapter: Infrastructure Maintenance

Device Monitoring With Syslog

06m 45s

Initial Device Configuration

10m 23s

Basic Device Hardening

06m 2s

Device Maintenance And Management - Part - 1

08m 53s

Device Maintenance And Management - Part - 2

05m 31s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

03m 18s