The biggest part of the digital transformation to me is acceleration. Pluralsight is a key part of how Nasdaq is trying to keep up and be ahead. We’re only as good as our teams are.
Heather Abbott SVP of Corporate Solutions Technology
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"Since we’ve cut back on in-person training and do more Pluralsight, onboarding time for our new engineers has gone from six weeks to four weeks.”     

Colby Litnak
Development Manager and Software Architect

"Pluralsight helped our team figure out the best practices and patterns to use within Angular and helped us with our quick refactors too."

Brett McCarty
Product Team Lead

"We have a learning culture where we strive to encourage innovation. Pluralsight is a great resource to support us in this value.€"

Chris Franklin
Senior Developer

"The biggest part of the digital transformation to me is acceleration. Pluralsight is a key part of how Nasdaq is trying to keep up and be ahead.”

Heather Abbott
SVP of Corporate Solutions Technology

"We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of Pluralsight training, how current it is and how in-depth. It'€™s worked out very well for us."

Richard DiMichele
IT Training Manager

"€œFast and easy access to Pluralsight has helped our artists quickly learn the basics of any new software we are implementing in our studio."

Glo Minaya
CG Supervisor

"Pluralsight'€™s content is just fantastic. It has helped me get up to speed on the app model and the client side stuff like Angular."

Paul Baker
Senior Web Developer

"Giving my team access to Pluralsight makes them feel like they're valued employees. It helps them learn a whole breadth
of new skills."

Adam Kavan
Associate Director of Networks and Systems

“If there’s a concern about teamwork or something like that, we find a team collaboration type of course, focused on listening or communication. That’s probably the one way we’re using Pluralsight that I didn’t anticipate initially."    

Rahul Nemade
Chairman & President

“Training needs have to be aligned to scale up. It’s a good thing we have capable people, but we need to train all of them equally. We have to build talent and capacity to meet growth.”   

Kanchan Ray
Vice President of Technology

“With Pluralsight, they won’t have to wait for a class to come around so they can ramp up on something, they can do it right then and there."    

Brandy Poiry
Cerner Learning Strategist

“It's crucial for global organizations to consider an online facility like Pluralsight for their training needs. You’ll never meet 100% of your needs with an instructor-led course regime.”   

Stephan Haller
Head of SaaS Transformation

"There’s a lot of technology innovation we’re putting into our CDK products to improve the service experience. We aim to move from a long vehicle purchase process to less than an hour, where users just show up to the dealership, hug their salesman, get their keys, and drive away in their new car."  

Justin Burger
Senior Director of Engineer, CDK Global

"Today’s savvy customers are eager to discuss their business challenges AND the technical imperatives around them. Their requirements are quickly advancing to include digital technologies such as mobility, big data, and cloud,” says Sandeep Gupta, Head of Workforce Planning at ITC InfoTech. “The increased demand and complexity of business today can quickly lead to a critical skills gap for technical teams.”

Sandeep Gupta
Head of Workforce Planning, ITC InfoTech

"I told my boss, 'Get me a Pluralsight license or I quit!'"

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