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Build app and web development expertise using the latest technologies and best practice techniques.

TypeScript training

A superset of the JavaScript language that introduces Type Safety. 2-day practical course.

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Learn how to create User Interfaces using the ReactJS library. 3-day course.

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App & Web Development training courses

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of people choose a different search result if the 1st is not mobile friendly

Source: Skillcrush

of consumers regularly shop on smartphones & other mobile devices

Source: Comscore

of mobile users have difficulty interacting with web pages

Source: Keynote

is the time your website has to make an impression before users leave

Source: NN Group

Why choose QA for your App & Web Development training?

As you'd expect from the UK's leading IT training provider, QA's application development portfolio covers all of the bases including core language skills such as C#, Java, Perl, Python, C and C++; and development environments such as IBM WebSphere, Microsoft.NET and Azure, Oracle Fusion and WebLogic, and Red Hat JBoss.

You'll want to be trained by an expert – someone who knows the development products, tools and programming languages inside out. You need someone who can answer questions with authority and insight; someone who can provide real-world examples of use; someone who can make a complex training session both inspiring and enjoyable – you need a QA instructor.

Regardless of your skill level, we have something to offer – from initial courses to get you started, through to in-depth training for seasoned hands. Whether you're developing for the desktop, mobile devices or the web, QA can provide the skills you need.

App & Web Development blogs


Course Update: Architecting on AWS

The Architecting on AWS course has been rewritten. This new course looks to focus on a best practices, design patterns, and core architectural issues such as scalability, cost, reliability and availability. Read the full article

Course Update: AWS Technical Essentials

The AWS Technical Essentials course has been rewritten. This new course looks to focus on a few core services and explore them in depth, giving a good solid base of core AWS knowledge from which to build. Read the latest blog to discover more. Read the full article

T Shaped Developers are the new normal

Work like a ninja! With a little training and development you can utilise your web developers in house. Read the full article

QA launches new Swift Programming language course

Swift 2.0 is a popular Apple programming language and a popular alternative for Objective-C language. recently Apple announced that Swift 2.0 would undergo a few changes. QA has launched an updated course to cover all of these changes to deliver leading edge training for software programmers. Read the full article

Introducing AWS DevOps Engineering course

This is the fourth blog post in a series about AWS. During this part of the series I'll discuss the newest AWS course, DevOps Engineering on AWS. Read the full article

A look at the new AWS Advanced Architecting training course

This is the third blog post in a series about AWS. During this part of the series I'll discuss the new AWS Advanced Architecting course and examine the differences with its predecessor. Read the full article

How to pass AWS certification exams

This is the second blog post in a series about AWS certification. During this part of the series I'll discuss what to expect in your certification exam, how best to prepare for it, and provide my own impression of the AWS exams I've taken. Read the full article

The benefits of AWS certification

Understand more about AWS certifications and associated benefits, the certification lifecycle, and QA training courses that will help you prepare for the exams. Read the full article

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