Apprenticeship Levy

Find out all you need to know about the apprenticeship levy: what it is, how it affects you, and our expert advice on how to prepare.

What is the apprenticeship levy?

The apprenticeship levy is a government initiative to fund apprenticeships. It was introduced in April 2017, and is only payable by employers with a total wage bill in excess of £3 million.

The government has committed to 3 million apprenticeship starts in England by 2020. The levy has been created to fund this commitment, and to encourage employers to hire more apprentices to help address skills gaps in the UK.

Watch the video

Becky Plant, Apprenticeship Solutions expert at QA tells all about the levy and how we can help you use it to build effective talent solutions.

From bringing in new talent, up-skilling or re-skilling existing staff members or taking your employee’s development to the next level with our unique approach to Degree Apprenticeships – Becky gives you expert insight into how you can use your levy funds.

Top 5 things you need to know about the apprenticeship levy

1. Employers with a total wage bill in excess of £3 million will pay the levy.

2. The levy will be at a rate of 0.5% of your total annual wage bill and will be paid through PAYE.

3. Funds will be accessed through a new Digital Apprenticeship Service – employers will be able to register for an account from January 2017.

4. Funds will appear in your account monthly and government will apply a 10% top up payment.

5. Levy funding can only be spent on apprenticeship training and assessment with approved providers – like QA.

How can QA help you?

We’re committed to working hand-in-hand consulting and advising our clients on what the levy will mean for them.

We’ve crafted our apprenticeship services to help our clients use their levy funds to develop effective talent solutions.

1. Consult

We'll work with you to understand what your levy commitment will be and then explore what value looks like for your business.

2. Advise

We'll analyse how you can use the levy to meet your current talent needs and give you clear recommendations mapped to those needs.

3. Implement

From hiring one apprentice, to implementing a large-scale talent development programme across multiple departments, we'll help you to implement the right levy talent solution for your business.

Download our apprenticeship levy guide

Click on the card below to download the apprenticeship levy guide which contains information about what the levy is, how it will work, and what it means for you.

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