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RIPv2 Metric
Hop-Count (maximum of 15)
RIPv2 Metric
Hop-Count (maximum of 15)
OSPF Metric
HSRP v1 & v2 multicast address &
Subnet mask for /26
Subnet mask for /30
Command to enable IPv6 Routing?
(config)#ipv6 unicast-routing
Standard ACL range
1-99 or 1300-1999
ACL to block traffic from /24 with (config-if)#access-group 14 out
(config)#access-list 14 deny (Be careful of the deny any statement on all ACL's!)
Bandwidth of Serial (T1)
1544Kbps (1.544Mbps)
Hello BPDU (Name a few parameters)
1) Root Bridge ID 2) Senders Bridge ID 3) Senders Path Cost 4) Timer Intervals (Hello, Forward & MaxAge)
Does the 'encapsulation ppp' work on an interface like f0/0?
No, you use PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet). Client side you will need to configure a dialer interface...
What is the Administrative Distance of eBGP?
What is the Administrative Distance of RIP?
Name a few Internal Gateway Protocols
Default Hello timer of RIP?
30 Seconds
Command to see the ospf database?
R1#show ip ospf database
Abbrev. of an OSPF router with interfaces in multiple areas?
ABR (Area Border Router)
What does MPLS stand for?
Multi Protocol Label Switching
OSPF Path Cost for a serial link (T1 - 1.544Mbps)?
What is EIGRP Reported Distance?
The metric from an EIGRP Neighbor to the destination
What is a EIGRP feasible route?
The metric from the local router to the destination
How can you tell the ethernet frame has a 802.1Q tag?
TPID shows 0x8100 (Which defines it as a 802.1Q Tag) along with TCI information...
Default Bridge ID in Spanning Tree?
32768 (VLAN1 is 32769 etc..)
In the Spanning Tree root bridge election process, what happens if the priority in the Bridge ID ties?
They will then compare MAC addresses and use the lowest MAC address.
Easiest way to choose what switch is elected as the Root Bridge in Spanning Tree for VLAN 10?
(config)#spanning-tree vlan 10 root primary
What is the first thing you would typically configure when creating a GRE tunnel?
(config)#interface tunnel 1 - (or any other number)
Most preferred authentication protocol when using PPP or PPPoE
CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)
Does a GRE tunnel provide encryption?
No, a GRE tunnel is commonly used inside a IPSec tunnel for encryption
Which RFC defines private IP addresses?
RFC 1918
How many bytes in a 802.1Q header?
4 Bytes (32 bits)
What is route poisoning?
When a subnet is unreachable, it will broadcast an update with an infinite metric to advertise that the subnet is unreachable
What port type/number does RIPv1 & v2 use?
UDP 520
I can't configure a VLAN on my switch in a VTP domain, what could be a common cause?
The VTP mode for the switch is most probably configured with 'vtp mode client'
How do I delete the VTP information for a switch?
VTP information is stored in the 'vlan.dat' file. Deleting this would be the answer.
How can I stop routing updates on a specific interface?
(config-router)#passive-interface f0/1
What port states in STP are classed as 'Stable'?
Blocking, Discarding and Forwarding
Why does Rapid-STP have better a quicker convergence than PVST+?
Listening and Learning states are not in Rapid-STP. This gets rid of the 15 + 15 seconds delay....
On a root port switch, what role would all ports be?
All ports will be Designated (Desg) ports
In an STP topology, will a switch port in the listening state store an incoming ethernet frames source MAC address?
No, listening state doesn't store or even forward ethernet frames.
In STP, what is the link cost of a gigabit connection?
What are the OSPF multicast addresses? and
How many areas would you expect a Backbone router to connect to?
A clue in the question, Backbone area is area 0. A Backbone Router would also be an Internal router (inside a single area)
What is commonly the first step when configuring MLPPP (Multilink PPP)
(config)#interface multilink 1
What is the default MaxAge for BPDU?
20 seconds
conf-reg value in ROMMON mode to bypass the startup-configuration when resetting a password?
What port does TACAS+ use?
TCP 49
What is the RFC that defines RADIUS?
RFC 2865
3 tables that OSPF manage
Neighbor, LSDB (Link state database) and Routing table
What is the Cisco 'alternative' to PPP?
What Fiber standard can I use for 10Gbps with a distance around 40KM?
MetroEthernet Topology name for Point-To-Point connection?
Ethernet Line Service
Which RFC defines IPSec?
RFC 4301
What is an alternative to IPSec that can be used via the clients web browser?
What RFC defines GRE?
RFC 2784
What keyword can be used in an extended access-list for DNS traffic?
What command would you use to apply an access list on the vty lines?
access-class [number] [in | out]
What will happen when a router has a higher priority in HSRP and the '#standby preempt' command is issued.
That specific router will take over as the active router.
Can 2 rotuers configured with HSRP run different versions?
No, they need to be configured with the same version to work