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Acronym: CSU/DSU
Channel Service Unit / Data Service Unit
T/F: A router is typically considered a DTE device
Acronym: DTE and DCE
DTE: Data Terminal Equipment
DCE: Data Communications Equipment
Switches create _________ domains
WAN protocols (encapsulation) typically operate on which two layers of the OSI model?
Layers 1 and 2 (Physical and Data Link)
CDP operates on which layer of the OSI model?
Layer 2
List all of the layers of the OSI reference model, from highest to lowest.
7. Application
6. Presentation
5. Session
4. Transport
3. Network
2. Data Link
1. Physical
List all of the layers of the OSI reference model, from lowest to highest.
1. Physical
2. Data Link
3. Network
4. Transport
5. Session
6. Presentation
7. Application
Acronym: PDU
Protocol Data Unit (used in the OSI model)
Name the OSI Layer 1 PDU
Name the OSI Layer 2 PDU
Name the OSI Layer 3 PDU
Name the OSI Layer 4 PDU
On which layer of the OSI model does ICMP operate?
Layer 3 (Network)
A receiving host computes the checksum on a frame and determines that the frame is damaged. The frame is
then discarded. At which OSI layer did this happen?
Layer 2 (Data Link)
Name that port: TCP 20
FTP data
Name that port: TCP 21
FTP control
Name that port: TCP 23
Name that port: TCP 25
Name that port: TCP 53
DNS zone transfers
Name that port: TCP 100
Name that port: UDP 53
DNS lookup
Name that port: UDP 69
Name that port: UDP 161
List three types of flow control
Congestion Avoidance
What is the ARP protocol used for?
Used to determine a MAC address for a known IP address.
Acronym: CSMA/CD
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
Acronym: CSMA/CA
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
After POST, the system LED of a Cisco 2950 switch
turns amber. What is the status of the switch?
POST failed and there is a problem that prevents the operating system of the switch from being loaded.
What two values are used by STP to elect a root bridge?
1. Bridge Priority
2. MAC address
Does MTU 1500 bytes refer to frame size or packet size?
Packet size
Will a trunk link be formed between SWITCH1 and SWITCH2 if SWITCH1's trunk mode is set to "desirable" and SWITCH2's is set to "auto"?
Will a trunk link be formed between SWITCH1 and SWITCH2 if SWITCH1's trunk mode is set to "auto" and SWITCH2's is set to "auto"?
What does it mean when a switch port LED is alternating green-amber?
Link fault. The port is experiencing excessive errors.
According to 802.1Q, what is recalculated after a 4 byte field is inserted into the original Ethernet frame?
Protocol: 802.1W
RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
RSTP (give me the IEEE number)
Protocol: 802.1D
STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)
STP (give me the IEEE number)
What is the default bridge priority in STP?
What are the possible port states in RSTP?
What are the possible port states in STP?
Define the STP port state "listening"
Preparing to forward data frames without populating the MAC address table
Define the STP port state "learning"
populating the MAC address table but not forwarding data frames
What type of interface uses encapsulation ARPA and BW of 100000 Kbit?
Do MAC addresses learned dynamically by the "switchport port-security mac-address sticky" command persist after reboot?
No - they are stored in the running-config. If the running-config is saved, then yes.
What does RFC 1918 deal with?
Private IP address space
What RFC defines the private IP address space?
RFC 1918
When an address conflict is detected by a DHCP server, what action does the DHCP server take?
The address is removed from the DHCP pool for an amount of time configurable by the administrator.
What type of message does a DHCP client send out when attempting to request an address?
Layer 3 broadcast (
Name three IPv6 transition tunneling mechanisms
6to4 tunneling
ISATAP tunneling
Teredo tunneling
Name the organisation in charge of IP address assignment
What is the range (prefix) of IPv6 global unicast addresses?
What is the range (prefix) of IPv6 multicast addresses?
Explain an EUI-64 interface ID.
When the interface ID is comprised of the first half of the MAC address (with the 7th bit changed to 1) + FFFE + second half of the MAC address.
Mac Address = 0034:5678:9ABC

What is the EUI-64 interface ID?
What is the range (prefix) of IPv6 unique local unicast addresses?
What is the IPv6 loopback address?
What is the range (prefix) of IPv6 link local addresses?
What does ISATAP stand for?
Intra-site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol
What devices typically use Teredo tunnels to communicate?
What devices typically use 6to4 tunnels to communicate?
What is the administrative distance of a static route?
What is the administrative distance of a connected interface?
On a Cisco router, what is the default sequence for where to locate IOS on startup?
2. Flash
3. TFTP server
4. ROM (partial IOS)
RIP and RIPv2 are __________ routing protocols
Distance Vector
OSFP is a _____________ routing protocol
Link State
EIGRP is a ___________ routing protocol
What is the maximum hop count in RIP and RIPv2
RIPv1 uses _________ packets for its routing updates
RIPv2 uses _________ packets for its routing updates
What is the default routing update period for RIPv2?
30 seconds
What is the default AD for RIP routes?
What is the default AD for OSPF routes?
What is the default AD for EIGRP routes?
What metric(s) does RIP use?
Hop count
What metric(s) does OSPF use?
What metric(s) does EIGRP use?
List all of the OSPF network types.
By default in OSPF, the router with the ________ IP address will be chosen as the DR (highest/lowest)
In OSPF, what interface is examined first when determining the router-id?
OSPF hello packets are addressed to what address?
What value needs to be changed in order to allow load balancing across unequal paths in EIGRP?
What IOS command shows CPU utilization?
show process
What spread spectrum technology does the 802.11b standard define for operation?
Direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
What is the number scope for extended ACLs?
100-199 and 2000-2699
What command is used to map an access list to the VTY terminal?
What is the meaning of the term "dynamic" below?

R1# show frame-relay map
Serial0/0 (up): ip dlci 100 (0x64, 0x1840), dynamic broadcast, status defined, active
The mapping between DLCI 100 and the IP address was learned through inverse ARP
Name the open standard for Frame Relay encapsulation
What is the advantage of using point-to-point subinterfaces instead of a multipoint interface on the hub of a hub and spoke topology?
It avoids split-horizon issues with distance vector routing protocols.
What are the two methods for mapping DLCIs to IP addresses?
Static mapping
Inverse ARP
What DLCI is used for Cisco LMI messages?
What DLCI is used for ANSI LMI messages?
In a Frame Relay environment, what is the function of the DE bit?
Identification of frames that are transmitted above the CIR, and are eligible for discard.
A default Frame Relay WAN is classified as what type of physical network?
NBMA (nonbroadcast multi-access)
What are the two authentication protocols available with PPP encapsulation?
What do routers do with packets addressed to broadcast IPs (
Drop it like it's hot
Which Cisco Catalyst feature automatically disables the port in an operational PortFast upon receipt of a
BPDU Guard
What is the first 24 bits in a MAC address called?
Which two link protocols are used to carry multiple VLANs over a single link?
List the layers of the TCP/IP model, from highest to lowest.
4. Application
3. Transport
2. Internet
1. Link
List the layers of the TCP/IP model, from lowest to highest.
1. Link
2. Internet
3. Transport
4. Application
Cisco Catalyst switches CAT1 and CAT2 have a connection between them using ports FA0/13. An
802.1Q trunk is configured between the two switches. On CAT1, VLAN 10 is chosen as native, but
on CAT2 the native VLAN is not specified. What will happen in this scenario?
A native VLAN mismatch error message will appear.
Which layer in the OSI reference model is responsible for determining the availability of the receiving
program and checking to see if enough resources exist for that communication?
Which command reveals the last method used to powercycle a router?
show version
When troubleshooting a Frame Relay connection, what is the first step when performing a loopback
Set the encapsulation of the interface to HDLC.
Which two wireless encryption methods are based on the RC4 encryption algorithm?
What does the (*) represent in this output:

02:16:29: NAT: s= ->, d= [51607]
02:16:29: NAT: s= ->, d= [55227]
02:16:29: NAT*: s= ->, d= [51688]
02:16:29: NAT*: s= ->, d= [51609]
The packet was translated and fast-switched, because it was part of an existing conversation.
What do received BECN packets mean?
Backwards Error Congestion Notification packets are letting the router know to "back off" transmission, because the link is congested.
What do received FECN packets mean?
Forward Error Congestion Notification packets are telling the receiving device that the path is congested, so expect delays.
The output of the show frame-relay pvc command shows"PVC STATUS=INACTIVE". What does
this mean?
The PVC is configured, but down.
What command is used to view Frame Relay connections and addresses?
show frame-relay map