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What does the abbreviation ASIC stand for?
application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
What does an Logical Link Control (LLC) header tell the Data Link Layer?
What to do with a packet once a frame is recieved.
What is the IEEE standard for logical Link Control (LLC)?
What is the IEEE standard for Media Access Control (MAC)?
What is one thing that is important to understand about the packet as it traverses the internetwork?
That the packet itself is never altered along the route, it's only encapsulated with the type of control information requred for it to be properly passed on to the different media types.
What is a logical topology?
It's the signal path through a physical topology.
What is the difference between switches and routers for broadcast and collision domains?
- Switches create seperate collision domains but a single broadcast domain.
- Routers provide seperate boradcast domains for each interface.
What are collision domains?
An Ethernet term used to describe a network scenario wherein one particular device sends a packet on a network segment, forcing every other device on that same segment to pay attention to it.
What is the main purpose of a switch?
- to make the LAN work better
- to optimize it's performance
- providing more bandwidth for LAN users.
List 4 functions in a network.
1) packet switching
2) packet filtering
3) inter-network communication
4) path selection
What are 5 things that commonly cause LAN traffic congestion?
1) too many hosts in a broadcast or collision delay.
2)Broadcast storms
3) Too much multicast traffic.
4)Low Bandwidth.
5)adding hubs for connectivity to the network.
What is positive acknowledgement?
It guarantees that data won't be duplicated or lost.
What are two types of packets are used at the Network Layer?
1) Data packets
2)Route update packets
What are data packets (layer 3)?
They are used to transport user data through the internetwork.
What are Route Update packets used for (Layer 3)?
They are used to update neighboring routers about the networks connected to all routers within the internetwork.
Protocols that send route update packets are called what?
Routing protocols
What layer provides the physical transmission of the data and handles error notification, network topology and flow control?
The Data Link Layer (layer 2)
The Data Link Layer formats messages into pieces called what?
Data Frames
What layer is responsible for actual unique identification of each device that resides on a local network?
The Data Link Layer (layer 2)