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How many collision domains exist when using a hub?

The ______________ part of a MAC address is assigned by the IEE to an organization and is composed of 24bits, or 3 bytes.
organizationally unique identifier (OUI)
On which layer of the OSI model do routers operate?
What do IP extended access lists use as a basis for permitting or denying packets?
Source and destination addresses, source and destination ports, and protocol
To specify all hosts in the Class C IP network, what wildcard access list mask would you use?
What access list will allow only web traffic into network from any client?
access-list 100 permit tcp any eq www
Which router command allows you to determine whether an IP access list is enabled on a particular interface?
show ip interface
What router command allows you to view the entire contents of all access lists?
show access-lists
What causes the incrementing of runts on an interface?
What is the IP extended access list range?
100–199 and 2000–2699
What is the dotted-decimal equivalent of /15?
Which command applies access list 110 inbound to an interface?
Router(config-if)#ip access-group 110 in
What is a network called that is used to allow limited access to certain resources from outside the LAN?
lists use the numbers 1–99 or 1300–1999 and filter based on source IP address only.
Standard IP access
The block size of a /26 network is .
The output of the show startup-config command comes from .
What standards-based protocol works much like CDP?
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
________ lists use the range from 100 to 199 or from 2000 to 2699.
IP extended access
What type of mask do routes in the routing table marked with an L have?
True/False: Area border routers can be in only one area at a time.
False: Any router that is member of two areas is a border router, or an area border router (ABR), by definition.
Which configuration mode and command combination sets the bandwidth metric of a Frame Relay connection to 64000 bps?
router(config-if)#bandwidth 64
True/False: Layer 2 switches and bridges are faster than routers because they don't take up time looking at the Data Link layer header information.
True/False: VLANs greatly reduce network security.
True/False: When a packet is being compared to an access list, it's always compared with each line of the access list in sequential order until it finds a match.
on an Ethernet network is the retransmission delay that's enforced when a collision occurs.
What is the PDU called at the Data Link layer?
A Frame
What Application layer protocols sets up a secure session that's similar to Telnet?
What command, enabled by default starting with Cisco IOS version 12.x, allows the use of the first and last subnet in a network design?
ip subnet-zero
What mask yields only six IP addresses per subnet?, or /29
What prompt indicates you are at privileged mode?
Which command backs up the Cisco IOS to a TFTP server?
copy flash tftp
What protocol resolves IP addresses to MAC address?
What command provides an excellent overview of the actual operation of all currently running protocols?
show ip protocols
True/False: Layer 2 switches and bridges look at the frame's hardware addresses before deciding to either forward, flood, or drop the frame.
Type the command that must be present for a layer 3 switch to provide inter-VLAN routing between the two VLANs.
ip routing
Type the command that creates a named extended access list called 150.
ip access-list extended 150
What device hosts a different subnet on each interface?
In an Ethernet II frame, what is the function of the section labeled FCS?
Error detection
What mechanism is used by the client to avoid a duplicate IP address during the DHCP process?
Gratuitous ARP
Which type of protocol determines the path of a packet through a network: routing or routed?
How many subnets are contained in the network
What is the HyperTerminal setting for connecting to a Cisco router?
9600 bps, parity None, 1 stop bit, and 8 data bits
What type of cable is used to connect to a console port of a router?
Rolled or rollover
What type of Ethernet cable is used to connect from a hub to a switch?
The _______________ command causes the system to return you to your previous prompt after displaying a console message.
logging synchronous
True/False: OSPF uses cost as a metric.
What does the configuration register setting of 0x2102 do?
Tells the router to look in NVRAM for the boot sequence
What IP address is called the loopback address?
Which command can be used to determine a router's capacity to generate debug output?
show processes cpu
True/False: OSPF is called an advanced distance-vector routing protocol.
False: EIGRP is an advanced distance-vector protocol.
An IPv6 address is how many bits long?
True/False: A routing protocol determines the path of a packet through a network.
True/False: A routed protocol is assigned to an interface and determines the method of packet delivery.
How does inter-VLAN communication take place?
Using a router or layer 3 switch
What is shortest possible version of 2001:0db8:3c4d:0012:0000:0000:1234:56ab?
What type of IPv6 address is delivered to a single interface?
What is the IEEE standard frame tagging method?
Which switching technology reduces the size of a broadcast domain?
What is the main purpose of creating VLANs?
To break up broadcast domains at layer 2
What is a publicly routable IPv6 address called?
Global unicast
What advantage is offered by LAN segmentation?
More bandwidth is provided to each user.
Which Class C mask can be used to provide seven subnets, each with 25 hosts?, or /27, although it actually provides a total of eight subnets, each with 30 hosts
______ break up broadcast domains in layer 2 switched networks.
Virtual LANs
_____________ links are used to carry VLAN information between switches.
Access links carry traffic for how many VLAN?
The typical reason for creating network segmentation is to provide more to each user.
What IPv6 address type is the equivalent of an Automatic Private IP Address (APIPPA) address?
What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 152?
What IPv6 address type is referred to as a "one-to-nearest" address?
What command do you use to copy a configuration from a TFTP host to a Cisco router's DRAM on your network?
copy tftp running-config
Which memory in a Cisco router stores packet buffers and routing tables?
What IPv6 address is the equivalent of in IPv4?
What IPv6 suffix describes the multicast range?
Which command will show you the IOS version running on your router?
sh version
The basic IPv6 header contains how many fields?
To copy a configuration from the Cisco router's DRAM to a TFTP host on your network, what command can you use?
copy run tftp
If you want to suspend a Telnet session, what keystroke combination would you use?
Ctrl+Shift+6, then X
The ICMPv6 packet is identified by the value 58 in the _________ field, located inside the IPv6 header.
Next Header
What component performs the function of Address Resolution Protocol in ICMPv6?
Neighbor discovery
How do IPv6 hosts receive the address of the gateway?
Router solicitation
Which command is used to find the path a packet takes through an internetwork?
Using the prefix 2001:db8:1:1/64, convert the following MAC address into a EUI-64 address: 1020:ef01:5554.
When hosts make up or receive an IPv6 address, they send three _______ packets out via NDP NS asking if anyone has this same address.
duplicate address detection (DAD)
Which command displays Cisco Discovery Protocol adjacencies?
show cdp neighbors
What command will show you a directly connected router's interface IP address?
show cdp neighbor detail
What is the IPv6 version of OSPF called?
What is the Class C private IP address range? through
You use the command to copy a configuration of a router stored on a TFTP server to a router's NVRAM.
copy tftp startup-config
On which types of networks will OSPF elect a backup designated router?
Non-broadcast and broadcast multi-access
______________ is used to store packet buffers and routing tables, among other things.
What is the hex equivalent of 11000111?
The IPv6 address for an OSPF DR is _________ .
The copy running-config startup-config command copies the configuration stored in___________ to _____________ .
What format of IPv6 addressing takes the unique MAC address of a host and inserts FF:FE in the middle of the address to change a 48-bit MAC address to a 64-bit interface ID?
EUI-64 address
To keep open multiple ____________ sessions, use the Ctrl+Shift+6, then X keystroke combination.
What is the port number for Telnet?
What is the hex equivalent of 01110101?
0x75. Cisco sometimes likes to show the 0x in front of hex characters.
The ping and traceroute commands can both be used to test _____________ in an internetwork.

IP connectivity

What standard allows the use of subnets masks other the default masks?

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) allows the use of subnet masks such as

Using the prefix 2001:db8:1:1/64, convert the following MAC address into a EUI-64 address: 0b0c:abcd:1234